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Today‘s world is unimaginable without fanciful design elements and details. Without an interesting and especially attractive combination of colours, and perhaps even without unconceivable forms, beauty, elegance, subtlety, expressive details and works, different prototypes.
Design novelties are changing at an incredible pace, and penetrate our world. Each of us is asking ourselves how to manage to follow them; what is fashionable and necessary today, what is convenient, new, practical, and what is simply a reminiscence of the past and can be perfectly combine with nowadays environment.
That‘s what we are for! Constantly following the most up to date design trends and tendencies, details and colour combinations. Our work, pace of life, it‘s change and rhythm, demands and expectations of our customers make us keep constant interest on the novelties and participate in global exhibitions of interior-design and furniture, such as: „Isaloni“ (Milano, Italy), „100% design” (London, UK), „IMM“ (Köln, Germany), „Made in Moon“ (New York, USA), etc., follow the works of our colleagues, newly presented works, created in globally known design studios.
We also present to you what novelties we have seen, or what we are impressed with, what we are intrigued by, and what we are inspired with…

Together we can outrun the time! We are presenting our ideas to You, and You are evaluating and implementing them with our help.

Our moto – we create only practical and implementable things. Our ideas serve the people.

Idea and it‘s implementation are separated by only two steps, but between them is the long creative process, based on professionalism, originality and exceptionalism. We are ready to work together and create for You:

You have ideas? Do not know how to fullfill them? You are afraid of experiments? Come to us! Our team will be glad to help you find the answers and the solutions.