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Grill bar and pizzeria “Express Pizza” in Palanga Grill bar and pizzeria “Express Pizza” in Palanga

Grill bar and pizzeria “Express Pizza” in Palanga

The former outdoor café “Meilutė”, at Basanavičius str. in Palanga, had to be reconstructed and adapted to the new restaurant and Grill bar Express Pizza.

The task was not easy as there was a building included onto the national heritage list nearby the outdoor café terrace. It was impossible to pull down or otherwise reconstruct the building. Thus, we had to adapt to the situation – a kitchen and a bar were equipped in the building. Since it was impossible to disassemble or reconstruct the building, the bar was designed along the windows, and the client chairs were put along the newly made folding windowsills. The bar was designed in such a way that after the bar table tops / windowsills stretching out to the outside through the windows are folded and the window shutters are closed, the bar is completely closed for the night.

The outdoor furniture has been chosen for the client hall since the restaurant is designed for the summer season, and at the favourite weather conditions all the windows are completely opened. The main walls of the client hall are decorated with light urbanistic motives. The pendant ceiling fans with double function were chosen for lighting. In the evenings they cast light, and on a hot summer day they just ventilate the premises.